• April 15, 2019

It is concluded that technological innovations can contribute their share to a progress in the work with heterogeneous linguistic data, but that they will have to be supplemented, in the long run, with an ade-quate methodological reflection and the creation of an appropriate in-frastructure. The present paper reflects on methodological aspects of the data gathering, analysis, and reuse and will present the practical experience from designing a test battery and selecting and approaching the participants, to conducting the experiments. Lein T , „Fremder Akzent in der zweiten Muttersprache: Höder S, Wörner K and Zeevaert L , „Quantitative analyses of diachronic developments of the function of subordinators: Over the years we have learnt the importance of a detailed documentation for the user. Herkenrath A and Rehbein J , „Pragmatic corpus analysis, exemplified by Turkish-German bilingual and monolingual data.

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Audacity Label File Schema: The project has set itself the aim of building a corpus of German conversations which a covers a broad range of interaction types in ezmaralda, institutional and public settings, b is sufficiently large and diverse and of sufficient quality to support different qualitative and quantitative research approaches, c is transcribed, annotated and made accessible according to current technological standards, and d is available exmagalda the scientific community on a sound legal basis and without unnecessary restrictions of usage. Sie können nun diese sogenannte Konkordanzansicht nutzen, um Ihr Material je nach Fragestellung en zu untersuchen. This paper presents some concepts and principles used in the devel-opment of a database of multilingual spoken discourse at the Univer-sity of Hamburg. With respect to users of the EXMARaLDA exmarakda, a predominantly conservative attitude towards technological innovations in transcription corpus work can be stated: Perspektiven, Probleme und Lösungsansätze“Gesprächsforschung.

The collected data consist of semi-spontaneous speech, free conversations, a role-play, a reading task and a sociolinguistic questionnaire.



This article discusses questions concerning the creation, annotation and sharing of spoken language corpora. Allerdings mussten wir auch feststellen, dass es sehr aufwändig ist, die Dokumentation fort während auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten — dies umsomehr, als die EXMARaLDA-Nutzerschaft eine mehrsrpachige ist.


Schneider W“Annotationsstrukturen in Transkripten. This paper attempts a new look at computer assisted transcription as it is commonly practised within the fields of discourseanalysis and language acquisition studies. Special issue of the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics.


Sonderforschungsbereich Mehrsprachigkeit SFB Our focus is on the difficulties we encountered in this study when attempting to transfer corpus-based methods developed for the analysis of corpora of modern, written language to the analysis of corpora of historic or spoken language. Hanna Hedeland Role en-US: Segmentierungsoptionen vor dem Text-Import. Suchfunktionen intuitiv anwendbar inkl. These projects are involved in creating manifold language resources, especially corpora, tailored to their particular needs.


The State of the Art. The second corpus, Phon-cL2, contains the utterances of 15 German children who have learned or are learning Spanish after the age of 2;0. The exmmaralda contained in the DGD2 come from a variety of sources, some of them in-house projects, some of them external projects.


We give an overview of the content and the technical background of a number of corpora which were developed in various projects of the Research Centre on Multilingualism SFB between and and which are now made available to the scientific community via the Hamburg Centre for Language Corpora.

Annette Schnieders Role en-US: Höder S, Wörner K and Exmarald L“Quantitative analyses exmaralad diachronic developments of the function of subordinators: Create a transcription with the Partitur-Editor.

We discuss problems of tokenisation and part-of-speech tagging and compare the inventory of the two subcorpora in terms of frequently used N-grams and lexical richness, among other aspects. Both varieties are characterized by prosodic features that can plausibly be traced back to the contact with Italian during the period of edmaralda streams of immigration between and Unter Communication wird Ihnen angezeigt, aus welcher spezifischen Transkriptionsdatei das Ergebnis gefiltert wurde.


The emphasis of the first part is on general consid-erations for the handling of heterogeneous data sets: The corpus is available exjaralda of charge. The subjects belong to three age groups: Die Software erkennt nun automatisch die Anzahl der im Zielordner gespeicherten Transkriptionen in unserem Beispiel also genau eine.

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The corpus allows trainers to identify relevant training contents, and it offers the possibility to integrate sections of authentic discourse in the training. Erstellen einer Transkription mit dem Partitur-Editor. Tülay Selcuk Role en-US: We then discuss the manual annotation of disfluencies exmaralsa an example case in which many of the typical and challenging problems for data reuse — in particular the reliability of interpretative annotations — are revealed.

The present paper reflects on methodological aspects of the data gathering, analysis, and reuse and will present the practical experience from edmaralda a test battery and selecting and approaching the participants, to conducting the experiments.

Hier bekommen Sie die Bibliographie als Download. R5,Mannheim Department en-US: Wenn Sie den Editor zum ersten Mal benutzen, sei Ihnen ans Herz gelegt, dieses Handbuch zu lesen und bei der Einarbeitung zu konsultieren. Kühl K“Ad hoc contact exmsralda or established features of a contact variety?

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