• März 18, 2019

It is possible to delete more than one channel. A bug with intervals repaired. The linefeeds are cut and set as single lyrics some ticks before. Insert a metronome click channel. Short voicename VH for channels with very low velocities Improvement:

Name: psruti
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 58.37 MBytes

Start and pause with space-key possible. Mit Deiner Beschreibung komme ich sehr gut klar!!! If explicitely wanted, double notes are allowed. Three methods to insert. Exchange lyrics and chords.

Improved error detecting with bad sourcefiles.

psruti mit key verbinden – Yamaha Forum

New paruti Help Some minor improvements. Several methods to import and export SysEx inside the area of notes Improvements: All files get PPQN Double or overlapping notes with same value and channel are allowed. Transpose – drums New function: Wenn ich meinen Text als. The function „Volume“ Lautstärke is replaced by „Controller“.


A bug with intervals repaired. Selection of key signatures GDG m and D m eliminated. Installation in English and German language. Dabei werden auch dem Kanal zugeordneten XG-Effekte berücksichtigt.

To avoid never ending notes, the play is finished with the controller-event „Note Off“ Bug repaired: Generate bassnote chords by a selected bass channel. It is possible to import chords paruti positions outside of beats.


Mit Deiner Beschreibung komme ich sehr gut klar!!! It is possible, to select an arbitrary number of channels for the harmony analysis.

psruti mit key verbinden

Lengthen notes of the Vocoder Channel: Print Drucken as batch job added. Exchange Main Volume with Expression in some cases. Look at the chapter Play of the psguti. Save the MIDI file without warnings. Short drum-notes get now the length of one tick. Dann noch ein kleiner Trick: On drum channels only.


Better updating of the karaoke window Play. Same with lyrics at notes.


Repair midifiles, which run long time after the last note. If wanted, the length will not psrtui shortened. Seitenwechsel bei der Anzeige von Lyrics am Keyboard. Select and edit a Vocal Harmony Channel: Save did not work.


Tyros2 Super Articulation voices now OK. Velocity Compressor MainVolume Expression.


It is possible psfuti mute channels, to change the tempo and to transpose the song Transposing and Key Signature Transpose is performed with simultaneous transpose of chords and key.